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Prog Rock, Electronic



Originally released 1979

CD reissue 2020 Paisley Press

In the late 70's Thomas Sundström

got together with drummer Björn Rothstein and bassist Leif Lerman to form MIKLAGÅRD. The trio released an eponymous album in 1979 of which a mere 1,500 copies were printed.

It features Sundström on piano, organ, synths and vocals, Lerman on bass, also sax and vocals, and Rothstein on drums.

Much influenced by ELP, the album presents 6 short tracks and a 13-minute closing epic, the most colourful and varied of the lot. Besides the ELP style, the album also has a strong Italian flavour (think LE ORME), particularly where the vocals are concerned. The 1979 production doesn't exactly do much for the synths and drums sounds, but the compositions are interesting and Sundström's electric piano tends to make up for any technical flaws.

MIKLAGÅRD should be of interest to some ELP fans and to vintage symphonic prog collectors in general