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Originally released 1976
CD reissue 2016 Picar

Eingeschweißt - Sealed!

Message was a band with two members from Scotland & Isle of White ( No german accent ! ) and two from Germany, they had connections to Nektar. The music of this album is progressive in the tradition of Raw Material, Gnidrolog and Steel Mill and not at all in the normal kraut rock sense, no kosmische musik. There are varied complex songs with guitar, saxes, bass and drums, very jazzy and trippy with a special message. The cover is a bizarre surreal dream image and so are the lyrics.
Very consistent, somewhat soft prog, with even a few easy listening elements sprinkled about, and featuring prominent sax and good production.


1. Fred The Head 5:55
2. Chessman 4:06
3. Destruction 4:01
4. To Live Again 4:37
5. Volcanoes Under The Sun 3:16
6. Triangle 5:28
7. The Sailor And The Flyer 7:03
8. The Pharaoh's Leg 3:15

Tom McGuigan - Lead Vocals, Soprano and Alto Sax, Lyrics
Allan Murdoch - Guitars
Horst Stachelhaus - Basses
Manfred v. Bohr - Drums, Percussion