Merryweather,Neil - Kryptonite + 8 Bonustracks (CD)




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Hard Rock

Original release 1975
Re-issue 1998 Green Tree
incl. 8 Bonus-Tracks

Star Rider
Always Be You
Give it Everything We Got
The Groove

Real Life Love
You Know Where I'd Rather Be
Let Us Be the Dawn
[CD adds:
Aren't You Glad That You Know
City Boy
Dust My Blues
Flat Black
You Must Live it
Your Real Good Thing
Local 149/Are You Ready]

Merryweather followed-up with Kryptonite, with a similar comic-art sleeve, and a more straightforward hard rock agenda, losing most of Space Rangers' disparate influences. More Chamberlin, probably by James Herndon this time, although I can't say for sure; Star Rider has one of the most upfront parts on the album, along with the proggiest track, closer Let Us Be The Dawn, which is swamped in Chamby strings. I've highlighted the opening title track, although it sounds more like synth strings to me; very hard to tell, to be honest. The album's probably less appealing than its predecessor, but still worth hearing for its string-replay work. The CD adds the entire contents of Merryweather's Neil Merryweather, John Richardson & Boers album from around '69, although I'm not sure they should've bothered. It's a pretty tedious blues/rock workout, although, paradoxically, the best track on this otherwise dull set is the near-eleven minute jammed-out closer Local 149/Are You Ready, which at least has some energy about it, despite the lengthy and unnecessary drum solo.