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Original release 1971
Re-issue 2008 RDI
Digitally remastered

Lynn Carey - vocals
Neil Merryweather - bass/vocals
Kal David - guitar/vocals - formerly with Illinois Speed Press
Barry Goldberg - keyboards
Charlie Musslewhite - harmonica/vocals
Robin Boers - drums

Neil Merryweather reacted by flying to Toronto to recruit replacements (ex-Ugly Ducklings drummer Robin Boers and guitarist John Richardson from Nucleus - and before that Lords of London), returning to LA to record an album for important Kent blues label in early 1970. The album was credited to Neil Merryweather, John Richardson and Boers - for some reason neglecting the presence of ex-49th Parallel member JJ Velker on organ. It attracted only limited interest, but the group, with the addition of Goldberg, Musselwhite and Merryweather's girlfriend, ex-CK Strong singer Lynn Carey, recorded Ivar Avenue Reunion, then (minus Goldberg and Musselwhite) half of Vacuum Cleaner for RCA. The latter was completed with a new lineup featuring guitarist Kal David and a returning Roth and Hall and released as by Merryweather/Carey. The group evolved and recorded four more albums as Mama Lion (with Carey) and as Heavy Cruiser (without) before falling apart. Neil Merryweather went on to record with a new band called The Space Rangers.