Memoriance - Et Apres... (CD)




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Originally released 1976
CD reissue 2015 Paisley Press

Digitally remastered !
Sealed !

While not too dissimilar from fellow French prog rock bands, Memoriance managed to create their sound niche, reminding of Atoll and Mona Lisa mostly but also of Shylock and Arachnoid but only in a few segments. They are not as theatrical as Mona Lisa and Arachnoid, but do show this characteristic, particularly in the title track of this album. They show good musicianship, switch from what can be seen as more common rock parts to showing how intricately and elaborately their composing style can be. They have this slightly melancholic sound and at times dramatic (which coincides with the theatrical aspect) and know very well how to balance the rhythmic vs. the slow and gentle.


Michel Aze - Bass, Vocals
Didier Busson - Drums, Percussion
Jean-Francois Perier - Keyboards, Vocals
Didier Guillaumat - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Jean-Pierre Boulais - Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar, Vocals


1) Je Ne Sais Plus (J.-F. Perier, M. Aze / C. Letaillenter) 8:48
2) La Grange Memoriance (D. Guillaumat, M. Aze / J.-F. Perier) 11:04
3) Et Apres... ( J.-P. Boulais, D. Guillaumat / D. Busson) 10:30
4) Tracsir ( D. Busson, J.-P. Boulais) 4:48