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Mecki Mark Men - Mecki Mark Men + 4 bonustracks (CD)




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Originally released 1967
CD reissue 2015 Lumpy Gravy Records
+ 4 bonustracks

Sealed !

Remarkable debut album from the quintet Mecki Mark Men, and one of the earliest and most brilliant psych-rock album of Scandinavia (released in late 67), when they were at the height of their popularity and the previously-released single Midnight Land / Got Together, which sounded excitingly new and pre-dated brass rock, this self titled album is a stunning often overlooked gem. The group had backed up Frank Zappa and Jimi Hendrix in their country and obviously the two strongly influenced MMM a fair bit, especially with leader Mecki Bodemark's vocals, when you'd swear it is Jimi singing. Apparently, the group set the studio a bit like a stage and recorded most of this album as direct-live, just dubbing vocals, vibraphones, flute and sitars later. One of the features of MMM is that there were two drummers: the full-time Fredholm and the part-time (playing vibes and sitar as well) Gartz, who was the second songwriter in the band.

Opening (that's also the first track's name) on some phantasmagorical noises from organ and winds, with the beat is a spell-binding slow but drumroll filled almost dies, before catching its final breath and finally lays itself to rest. Whether it is Get Up or I Got It or other Sweet Movin might seem fairly straight forward, but there are always tons of small things happening that this is not basic music. Other more experimental tracks like Free (and its great sitar strumming), Scream (some fantastic psych delirium throughout the song and at the end), Enlightenment provide much of the adventurous spirit of the album.


1. Opening
2. Get Up
3. Free
4. I Got It
5. Love Your Life
6. I Had A Horse
7. Scream
8. Sweet Movin'
9. Enlightenment
10. Love Feeling
11. Please


12. Get Up (instrumental)
13. Love Your Life (instrumental)
14. Midnight Land (A-side, 1967)
15. Got Together (B-side, 1967)

Line Up:

Mecki Bodemark - vocals, organ, flute
Clas Svanberg - guitar
Hans Nordström - saxophone, flute
Thomas Mera Gartz - sitar, flute, saxophone, drums
Björn Fredholm - drums, congas
Erik Olsson - bass on tracks 13-15
Anders Sjöstedt - trumpet on tracks 13-15