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Originally released 1971
CD reissue 2015 Lumpy Gravy Records
+ 6 bonustracks

Sealed !

The album gets off to a slow, unfocused start, and improves as it rolls along. What we have is a warm, soulful heavy rock sound, kind of like a personal/unique take on Vanilla Fudge/early Deep Purple styles. Some great heavy riffers (Trip Trip Noodle) and longer, more melodic cuts (Some Reason) keep things varied, and while the whole thing has a slight sixties feel to it, the playing and songs are strong enough. Nice background vocals too, and the whole album is produced with dense and forceful sounds.


1. I Got No Money
2. Ragathon (Part 1)
3. Set On The Street
4. Can't Make It Without You
5. Got Together
6. Trip, Trip Toodle
7. Marstand
8. Juana, Juana
9. Some Reason
10. Marathon
11. Ragathon (Part 2)


12. Trip, Trip Toodle (live 1970)
13. Got Together (live 1970)
14. The Life Cycle
14a. Spoken Word
14b. Born
14c. Different Directions
14d. Being Is More Than Life
15. Help Me Somebody
16. Butterfly
17. Running In The Summer Night

Line Up:

Mecki Bodemark - organ, vocals, flute
Kenny Hakansson - guitar, sitar
Bella Linnarsson - bass
Pelle Ekman - drums
Bella Ferlin - bass on tracks 14-17