Marino, Frank & Mahogany Rush - What`s Next (CD)




Black Rose





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Hard Rock feat. Frank Marino

Original release 1980
Re-issue 1999 Black Rose

Frank and the boy's ROCK!!!!!
This disc(contrary to what some might think) is some of, if not one of the best works that Frank Marino and Mohogany Rush have ever produced.It is not a one song wonder. From start to finish, It is a statement...This band is out to prove something,and that they do.From blues to hard driving rock,What's Nextis an album That is second to none in the rock pantheon.Frank Marino has always been a fource to be reckoned with in the guitar community. When you listen to this album(cd) you too will know what I have known for years.
Submitted by Phknrkn in Portland ,Oregon,USA

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I dearly love Frank Marino's blues guitar playing. Theres only one song on this CD worth listening to as far as I'm concerned and that is Rock Me Baby. The rest is trash. I've bought many a recordings for only one song and this CD Whats Next is one of them. This song rips and shows no mercy. I've been waiting a long, long time to get this recording on CD. Thank you CD Universe! Gary O. Jones
Submitted by a reviewer in Tehachapi, CA. USA