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Mandrill - Mandrilland (Digipack)


Funk / Soul / Prog







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Original release 1974
Re-issue 2009 Picard

Digitally remastered

Studio Album, released in 1974

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Positive Thing (3:28)
2. Positive Thing (5:41)
3. Skying Upward (3:42)
4. The Road to Love (5:19)
5. Armadillo (1:41)
6. The Reason I Sing (3:27)
7. Bro' Weevil & the Swallow (5:11)
8. Khidja (5:02)
9. House of Wood (8:03)
10. Drill in the Bush (3:51)
11. El Funko (2:56)
12. Love is Sunshine (4:23)
13. Folks on a Hill (6:22)
14. Mini-Suite for Duke (6:26)
15. Cal-Ipso (5:00)
16. After the Race (7:02)
17. Lady Jane (4:17)

Line-up / Musicians

- Claude Coffee Cave / Organ, Vibes, Piano, Arp, Fender Rhodes
- Lou Wilson / Trumpet, Congas, Percussion, Vocals
- Ric Wilson M.D. / Tenor Sax, Percussion, Vocals
- Carlos Wilson / Bass Flute, Trombone, Alto Sax, Flute, Timbales, Percussion, Vocals
- Fudgie Kae / Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Percussion, Vocals
- Neftali Santiago / Drums, Percussion, Vocals
- Doug Rodrigues / Lead Guitar, Percussion, Vocals

Mandrill was formed in Brooklyn in 1968 by three multi-instrumentalist brothers, Louis, Richard and Carlos Wilson, all of whom originally hailed from Panama. After running an ad in the Village Voice they were soon joined by Omar Mesa, Claude Cave, Charlie Padro and Bundie Cenac. Between them this seven man group could play over 20 instruments. Although often labeled a funk or RnB band, Mandrill is much more than just that. Their music combines those two genres with jazz, rock, classic Latin music, and styles of their own creation, often mixing all this together in the same song. Their albums are often composed of multi-movement songs that blend together to make a long running urban tone poem. In concert, their songs are often taken to great lengths with creative improvisations.

Although different band members have come and gone over the years, the three original brothers still remain, and they are often joined onstage by their musically talented children. Mandrill continues to tour and record to this day, inspiring many with their complex rhythms, arrangements and lyrics about spirituality, peace, love and brotherhood.