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Original released 1972
Vinyl Reissue 2012
Original gimmick cover !!!


Produced by Neil Merryweather, Mama Lion was a group destined to show off the Joplinesque voice of Lynn Carey, a sculptural blonde beauty previously in Ivar Avenue Reunion. As often with the Merryweather outputs, the music is a  mix of blues and rock. Their records are now mostly remembered for their sleeves, especially the first with Lynn Carey breastfeeding a lion cub.

The name LYNN CAREY may not ring a bell, but she definitely has a place in collector's hearts, if only for the famous '70s record cover showing her breast-feeding a lion cub on her Mama Lion album!

But that's only a brief moment in the long career of the talented (and gorgeous) Ms. Carey, who has recorded many albums with various rock groups and by herself, as well as appearing in films (LORD LOVE A DUCK,) modeling in Penthouse magazine, and singing in the legendary Russ Meyer flick BEYOND THE VALLEY OF THE DOLLS.


Mama Lion
Lynn Carey - vocals
Neil Merryweather - bass/vocals
Rick Gaxiola - guitar
James Newton Howard - keyboards/vocals
Coffi Hall - drums/percussion