Mama Lion - Gimme Some Lovin' (Vinyl)


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Originally released in 1972-73

Vinyl reissue 2013 Picar
Red vinyl

Lynn was the voice of wild girl group The Carrie Nations, in Russ Meyer's cult classic 1970 film: 'Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls'. After that Lynn made a one-and-only album with Psych Rock band C.K STRONG in 1970. Later she formed the band MAMA LION and this Vinyl contains nine previously unreleased Mama Lion studio tracks by the original band that never made it onto either of their two albums. An eclectic mixtures of rockers, blues, folk and ballads all featuring Lynns powerful vocals.


Mama Lion / Gimme Some Lovin':

1. Gimme some lovin'
2. Follow me
3. We ain't yet
4. But we gonna be sing
5. Fisherman
6. Hidden in the tracks of my tears
7. Eagle eye
8. Stand back
9. Habit Room

Mama Lion (Musicians):
Lynn Carey - Lead & Backround Vocals
Neil Merryweather - Bass & Backround Vocals
James Newton Howard - Keyboards
John Screamin Jr. Richardson - Guitar
Rick Gaxiola - Guitar
Coffi Hall - Drums