Maki, Carmen & Oz - Carmen Maki & Oz (CD)


Hard Prog Rock


Flawed Gems





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Originally released 1975
CD reissue 2013 Flawed Gems


Japanese Hard-Progressive Rock 
From 1975


The lovely Carmen Maki was a popular female vocalist, sometimes being called a `Japanese Janis Joplin` although she´s also been likened to Grace Slick and even to a female RobertPlant! After a string of solo records she did a fantastic heavy progressive rock title with Blues Creation (1971). A few years later Maki formed a new group named Oz, which recorded 4 titles, including double live album. This excellent debut LP was released in January 1975 by Polydor Records and offered richly produced and very enjoyable combination of British-styled progressive rock tracks (sung in Japanese) similar to Barcley James Harvest and Pink Floyd, but also tightly arranged and quite powerful hard rock epics in Blues Creation and Deep Purple vein.