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Originally Released 1970
CD Reissue 2016 Flawed Gems

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Mainhorse Airline was formed in London in 1969 and consisted of British and Swiss musicians, including vocalist Dave Kubinec (ex-World Of Oz) and virtuoso organist Patrick Moraz.
This remastered CD (originally released by Ork Records in 2007) contains quite well-produced recording sessions done in Geneva during few months of 1969 and 1970.
Bursting with fresh ideas and technical virtuosity rarely seen in its time, The Geneva Tapes is a pure revelation. The band did early symphonic psych-rock with better musicianship than the Nice, less freaked-out space exploration than Egg and did it a full year before anyone had ever heard of ELP.
In late 1970 the band (with shortened name and with new guitarist) signed a contract with British Polydor and as a result Mainhorse LP was released in 1971.
This progressive masterpiece remained unnoticed and the band soon disbanded. In early 1974 Patrick Moraz recorded a very good album with Refugee and later that year replaced Rock Wakeman in Yes. In 1978 he joined The Moody Blues. Bryson Graham went to play with Spooky Tooth.