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Magma - Retrospektiw III (CD)




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Live, released in 1981

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Retrovision (18:13)
2. Hhai (version integrale) (13:23)
3. La Dawotsin (4:10)

Total Time: 35:46

Line-up / Musicians

- Christian Vander / drums, piano on (3), vocals on (2)
- Rene Garber / 1st Lieutenant
- Stella Vander / vocals
- Liza Deluxe / vocals
- Maria Popkiewicz / vocals
- Guy Khalifa / vocals (1,3)
- Didier Lockwood / violin
- Jean Luc Chevalier / guitar (1,2), bass on (3)
- Benoit Widemann / keyboards
- Bernard Paganotti / bass (2,3)
- Jean Pierre Fouquey / Fender piano (1,2)
- Francois Laizeau / percussion (1,2)
- Dominique Bertram / bass (1)

Magma biography
Led by classically-trained drummer Christian VANDER, MAGMA helped to create a whole genre of music (nicknamed Zeuhl after the unique MAGMA language). Their music combined elements of jazz, opera, minimalism and 20th century classical music, yet emotionally rich and undeniably powerful sound that eventually brought on the ZEUHL sub-genre of progressive rock. Incredible and intense! This band was as a real source for many French musicians. Some players were more influential than others, but with each change in personnel came a slight change in the sound of the band.

MAGMA is one of the most influential European bands since the early 70's and has recorded not a good record but several FANTASTIC albums. They are a concept band whose albums explain the origins and development of the new civilization on Kobaia, and their interactions with the people of EARTH and other planets. For beginners, I'd say start with Mekanik Destruktiw Kommandoh (MDK for short) (1973), the magnificent Köhntarkösz (1974), and Live/Hhai (1975). MDK features all the hallmarks for which MAGMA are recognized. Udu Wudu (1977) is more for the MAGMA fans while the first albums are more jazzy. Attahk (1978) is another one of the band's more accessible albums, more song orientated with more pronounced jazz and rock influences. After that, the albums from Attahk on are something of a step down. Overall MAGMA produced some of the most important and groundbreaking music of the decade.