Magical Ring - Light Flight / More And More (Vinyl)




Fifth Dimension





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Originally released 1977
Vinyl Reissue 2015 Fifth Dimension

Sealed !

There are synthesizers, there are guitars, bass guitars, real drums and vocals in the first song. Components of rock and pop unite here in this lone 1977 effort and make way for elements of dark slow funk and soul that take you a couple of years back to the early seventies. The garment of swirling synthesizers keep it all together. The atmosphere can be soft and gentle like the touch of a lover’s hand but it can also become more and more mysterious and gloomy generating a feeling of paranoia as if you’re on the run and have no idea what are you running from. Some passages have these big and catchy melodies you would have loved to find with many of the later synthie pop acts. There must not necessarily be vocals on this album but they do a fine job of churning up your emotions in the opening song, just wanted to add this. Despite the lightweight groove in some compositions there is always a thought provoking melancholy present. From many of the synthesizer albums I have been listening to lately on my trip to discover a musical world still strange to me this is one of the most catchy but still rather wicked ones. It takes a turn from the pop and rock elements in the beginning and chooses a more epic direction with each song. The great late Edgar Froese (TANGERINE DREAM) or Klaus Schulze would certainly raise their hats to this project in deep respect. A beautiful little obscurity from a scene that seems so utterly strange and magical to me, the rock and acoustic music fan. This album gives you more than just a pleasant time listening. This is an experience!