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Original released 1974
Re-issue 20
22 Paisley Press
Formed in Antwerp, Magenta came together in 1972. The original line-up featured singer Roland Arnould, former Davy Jr. & keyboardist Wim Reiling, drummer Toni Reymaers, and guitarist Jan Wellens.
1973's "Magenta" featured a collection of original tunes (largely written by Arnould and Wellens), that straddled the fence between light progressive moves and radio-friendly pop-rock. Arnould had a likable voice that was quite radio-friendly. Virtually all eleven tunes were worth hearing; the only missteps being the campy 'De Psychiater'. Probably the album's biggest drawback stemming from the fact the band performed in Flemish which meant they were going to have a limited international audience. Interestingly, most of the eleven songs showcased keyboardist Reiling whose organ fills gave some of the material a mild resemblance to Procol Harum (check out the opener 'Vroeger'), or perhaps early ELP ('Als Je Iest Wil Doen, Dat Je Echt Doen Wil (Doe Hit Dan)').