Ma Banlieue Flasque - Ma Banlieue Flasque (CD) (CD)


Alternative Rock


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Prog Rock, Jazz Rock, Alternative Rock


Originally released 1979
CD reissue 2020 Paisley Press

A French quintet playing varied music reminiscent of Zappa's humoristic style, Moving Geltaine Plates and Komintern and genres such as fusion, Canterbury, with a dash of craziness and fooling around. The mix end result makes this a very enjoyable listen. This is why this will appeal to fans of jazz-rock, RIO, Canterbury and to those who like their music to travel between all those.

The lineup consists of Philippe Maugars on guitar and vocals, Marc Ledevedec on guitar, Loic Gautier on bass, Christian "Chypo" Cheype on drumms and vocals, and Philippe Botta on flute and saxophone. The vocals themselves are sometimes sang and sometimes more in a narrative style and always playful or with good mood.