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Softrock Pre-Ellis Original release between 1966 - 1969 + 1 unreleased track from 1999 Re-issued Angel Air Records 2000 includes CDR Video Footage ! NEUWARE (NEW) !!! Tracklist: 1. Back In Your Life Again (previously unreleased) 2. Woman Woman (previously unreleased) 3. Sweetness And Tenderness (previously unreleased) 4. Do You Dream (previously unreleased) 5. She Smiled Sweetly 6. Satisfaction Guaranteed 7. Hush 8. First Cut Is The Deepest 9. Handbags And Gladrags 10. Please Stay 11. Bad Girl 12. Speak Of Peace Sing Of Joy 13. Brings My Whole World Tumbling Down 14. It's A Love Affair (previously unreleased) The Love Affair are perhaps best known for their 1966 hit single 'Everlasting Love'. At that time they were the youngest group to have a number one single. The tracks on this CD span the years 1966 to 1999 and include unreleased material and a new piece written for a TV documentary with original band members Morgan Fisher, Michael Jackson and Mo Bacon. The first 5000 pressings include an enhanced video track and, as usual, the inimitable Angel Air packaging includes an extensive 16-page full colour booklet with many rare photos from the band members' archive.