Los Walkers - Nostros Los Walkers + 8 Bonustracks (CD)









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Originally released 1968
CD reissue 2022 Fonocal

New and unplayed!

Formed in 1966 after the worldwide spread of Beatlemania, Los Walkers were like any number of suddenly mop-topped bands from non-English speaking countries. Their love of the music is palpable. They are composed by Polo Pereira (from the Uruguayan Mockers, guitar and voice) and Carlos Altamirano (guitar, organ and voice). The other two members of the band were Ignacio Tata on bass and Roberto "Corre" López on drums and vocals. 

Tracks 13-20 are bonustracks.


1. Soldado De Lata (Tin Soldier)
2. Lady Madonna
3. Palabras (Words)
4. Enciende Tu Lámpara De Amor (Turn On Your Lovelight)
5. Nunca Mi Amor (Never My Love)
6. Algo Me Pasó Ayer (Something Happened To Me Yesterday)
7. Jennifer Eccles
8. El Hombre Del 2000 (2000 Man)
9. Niño De Arcilla
10. Querida
11. Fat Madam
12. Tamborín Verde (Green Tamborine)
13. Miel Silvestre (Heather Honey)
14. Ahora Me Amas (Now You Love Me)
15. 999 Marina
16. Gracias Amigo
17. Balada Para Un Loco
18. Vuelve Conmigo
19. Ay Mi Amor
20. Tu Y Yo