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Locomotiv GT (often abbreviated LGT, with the nickname Loksi) is a Hungarian rock band formed in 1971. It has been one of the most influential rock bands in Hungarian rock music. GT in the name of the band refers to Gran Turismo, the long journey that the band was looking forward to when it was formed. The origin of the symbol that gave the name LGT is not clear: on their first album there is a steam powered locomotive standing in an aquarium, and locomotives have been present on many of the band’s album covers. One of the albums also has the name 424 - Mozdonyopera (‘424 - Locomotive Opera’), and when they performed their farewell concert on 17 May 1992, as a show element they arrived to the Nyugati pályaudvar (‘Budapest West railway station’) on a steam locomotive.

CD reissue 2012 Enigmatic Records
Digitally remastered
+ 7 rare bonus tracks taken from Hungarian singles & East German radio archive

sealed !