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Living Sacrifice Band, The - Beauty For Ashes (Vinyl)




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The Living Sacrifice Band was the continuity of the legendary Last Call Of Shiloh. In 1975 pastor John Murray founded the Living Sacrifice Band with John Rosenberry, member of the Last Call of Shiloh too. The band headquartered in Spokane Washington. The band would play out of the Sonshine Inn, a coffeehouse that would pack out hundreds of young people. Often people were turned away in great number for there was no room to enter. A more detailed account of this time can be found in Pastor Murray’s book of his life story, Chosen to Honour Thee (www. From 1975 to 1982 the Living Sacrifice Band would play literally hundreds of concerts from the west coast to the east coast and privately produce 3 albums between 1977 and 1981. Beauty for ashes is their second one, from 1979. Side A contains 5 pleasant xian folk-rock ballads, with beautiful female vocals and excellent flute and keyboards work, reminiscent of early 70's UK bands. Side B seems to be different enough, containing 3 extended rock (you could even call them heavy rock) tracks with female and male vocals as well and lots of fuzzy, distorted guitars, and wild flute leads. 3 tracks of the album are (co-)written by Jim and Vicky Tsapatoris of Last Call Of Shiloh fame. The Catching away is a reinterpretation of the Rapture included in the LCS LP. Mellow folk praise dominates side one, a more or less pleasant and peaceful sound highlighting acoustic guitar, a pair of flutes and female lead vocals. The title track especially has a lovely minor-key beauty. The three extended tracks that make up side two, however, are where the real edge kicks in. ‘Conquered Death’ has a mid-tempo classic rock feel with harmonica, hard rock guitar, flute and electric piano each getting a solo turn. More tasty guitar leads follow on ‘The Catching Away’ and ‘The Great Day’, both excellent lengthy progressive tracks re-interpreted from Last Call with positive results (a touch jazzier, with the addition of lead flute and keyboard passages).Two cover variations exist: one featuring simple black lettering over a white background, the other an old-fashioned photograph of a girl holding flowers, again both pressed in micro quantities. (Ken Scott -Archivist)

This is an officialy reissue, represented here with the original B/W cover which is much rarer than the second edition from 1980, with the well-known Flower Girl cover. Fully laminated cover. Includes extra triptych (6-pages LP-sized) insert with bio, photos, lyrics and memorabilia and a reproduction of the second 1980 edition's (Flower Girl) front and back cover. Reproduction of an LSB original poster is also included. Limited to 200 black and 100 coloured vinyls.This is the black vinyl.