Liverpool - Por Favor Sucesso (CD)




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Psychedelic / Progressive (Brazil)

Original release 1969
Re-issue Sunny Pierrot 2007
+ 8 Bonus Tracks

Brazilian psychedelic rock from Liverpool -- a group that approached the boundless aura of the late 60s psych era filtered through influences from Tropicalia, as well as those from the UK and US scenes of the time -- and not at all the mop-top, sharply tailored sound you might be expecting from the group's name! An Os Mutantes influence is notable, especially in some of the vocals and in the stylistic turns within the tunes, but Liverpool is first and foremost a psychedelic rock band -- with sounds spun with guitars, vocals, bass and percussion -- but a spirited vibe that's imaginative and groovy!

Titles include Por Favor Sucesso, Que Mania, Cabelos Varridos, 13 Andar, Blue Haway, Voando, Planador, Agua Branca, Tao Longe De Mim and more.

CD also includes tracks the group recorded for a 1970 film soundtrack, including Renata, Danca Da Chuva, Marcelo, Exciting Posters and more, plus a late single under the name Liverpool Sound, including Hei Nnenina and Fale.