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Flawed Gems





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Originally released 1971
CD reissue 2010 Flawed Gems

Sealed !

The eponymous, German-only album from this long forgotten British hard progressive quintet was released in 1971 by Bellaphon - the record label responsible for the collectable (and now very expensive) vinyl editions of other, stylistically similar but also little known UK bands like Diabolus, Steel Mill, Crazy Mabel and Sunday.

This difficult to describe album contained an eclectic mix of styles, going between straight rock, tasteful rock ballads and hard progressive rock. That varied, well-arranged and in most parts simply stunning record will certainly appeal to the fans of Procol Harum, Skin Alley and Jody Grind. As a bonus we have added a very rare, non-LP UK single (from 1970) - with a terrific and insanely hypnotic Just A Game being one of the very best heavy rock tracks from early 70's.