Leno - Vida e Obra de Johnny McCartney (CD)




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Leno was half of a Jovem Guarda tv teen pop duo, and by '71 he wanted to incorporate the heavy Cream guitar histrionics he heard going on overseas into his records, as well as the somewhat more expected local hothouse of Tropicalia & Sgt. Pepper-worship. This went over badly with the local censors & record company, who thought their little Donny Osmond should not be making protest music. Most of Renato Y ses Blue Caps & the Shakers guest, and the master tapes were thought lost until the mid 1990s.

01 Johnny McCartney,
02 Por Que Nao,
03 Lady Baby,
04 Sentado no Arco Iris,
05 Pobre Do Rei,
06 Sr. Imposto de Renda,
07 Peguei Uma Apolo,
08 Nao Ha Lei Em Grillo City,
09 Convite Para Angela,
10 Deixo O Tempo Me Levar,
11 Contatos Urbanos,
12 Bis,
13 Johnny McCartney.

Original release 1971
reissue 2008 Lion Productions