Lemon Drops, The - In The Springtime ! (Vinyl)







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Legendary Chicago area band who should have made it with their killer 45 I live in the springtime, here we have a selection of their best recorded material. Springtime itself is too good for my ears (and here you have the single version plus a different, fuzz version as well), but we get a total of 15 fantastic tracks ranging from fuzzed-out garage-psych to lighter flower-power with lots of jingle-jangle guitar, all circa 1966-1968 andall original compositions. The level is really so high we're still surprised how they didn't put more than one 45 into wax, really.... anyway, it's been way too long since these recordings were made available on vinyl by Cicadelic (more than 20 years now!), so here's a very welcome new release by the mighty Lemon Drops!

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