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Lehmejum - Lehmejum + Bonus (CD)




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This Brazilian instrumental fusion trio is very organ based, playing in a similar style and with the energy of ELP - they describe their music as a mix of hard symphonic prog and jazz fusion. Lead by keyboardist and composer Pedro Maprelian, the band also features some electrifying bass work by Giba Pinto and driving rhythms by drummer Edu Vianna.

On their sole album, the eponymous ‚"Lehmejum‚"released in 1993, Maprelian offers a spectacular performance on keyboards (lots of organ and piano) while the bass and drums add a few energetic Latin touches throughout.The 13 regular tracks range from 2- to 8-minute pieces of powerful and well-executed fusion; the album also features a 14-minute bonus track where guest musician Cassio Poletto performs some interesting bits with his 5-string electric violin. An original, pleasant and well-rounded album overall, although its shere power may prompt some of you to take it in small doses at a time.

Fans of ELP are the ones likely to appreciate this fiery trio, but fans of Le ORME and other organ-based bands should also lend these guys an ear, or two.

Track Listings

1. Bruce Lee (6:40)
2. Was it what you wanted (7:10)
3. Possessed woman (4:36)
4. Torresmo and puruca (6:00)
5. Last chance: I. Right to freedom (1:51)
6. Last Chance: II. Right to pain (1:52)
7. Last Chance: III. Right to pleasure (3:12)
8. I wanna sleep (8:40)
9. Nothing founded (7:49)
10. With the grace of God (3:53)
11. Zenbukai (2:06)
12. Dance of the daggers (5:21)
Bonus track:
13. Two ways (13:56)

Total Time: 73:09


- Pedro Maprelian / pianos, synthesizers
- Giba Pinto / basses
- Edu Vianna / acoustic & electronic drums

+ Cassio Poletto / 5-string electric violin

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CD Record Runner RR 0040 (1993)