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Lagger Blues Machine - TANIT Live (Vinyl)




Veals & Geeks





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Live, released in 1970
Vinyl Reissue 2012 Veals & Geeks
sealed !

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Test about a rehabilitating personality (8:33)
2. Ode (6:50)
3. Mistake (9:18)
4. Firedance (7:54)

Total Time: 32:35

Line-up / Musicians

- Christian Duponcheel / organs
- Jean-Luc Duponcheel / drums
- Jose Cuisset / guitar
- Michel Maes / bass guitar
- Vincent Mottouille / organs
- Carmelo Pilotta / flute, saxophone



Lagger Blues Machine biography
In the early seventies, one had to be a real rebel and have lots of courage to be in a rock band and had to have a horseshoe up somewhere to manage to record an album. This is probably why there were few bands but then again this pushed them underground and enticed them to make groundbreaking music (ARKHAM, CLASSROOM/COS, PLACEBO, PAZOP) and much later the UNIVERS ZERO and its offshoots such as PRESENT. LAGGER BLUES MACHINE consist of the Duponcheel bros on kb and drums, Maes on bass, Cuisset on guitars, Mottoule on kb and Pilotta on winds instruments. On their sole release, LBM develops a somber mood rock that takes elements from SOFT MACHINE, some from MAGMA, some more from ZAPPA & CRIMSON. But make its own sound with relative good interplay between the solo instruments but sounds nothing like blues (actually, the name was a pun as they always longed for beers in their locale). The live album was never really released until 92 but was apparently recorded prior to the studio album and is of dubious quality.

: : : Hugues Chantraine, BELGIUM : :