La De Da's - La De Da's (Doppel Vinyl)


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Doppel Vinyl

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Vinyl Reissue 2011

The La De Das were a leading New Zealand rock band of the 1960s and early 1970s. Formed in New Zealand in 1963 (as The Mergers), they enjoyed considerable success in both New Zealand and Australia until their split in 1975. Here their first LP, a long time awaited reissue, this is maybe one of the best R&B/Garage records out of New Zealand and Australia during the 60’s. Tunes like ‚"How Is The Air Up There‚" or ‚"On Top Of The World‚" are among the best in the genre. It’s a masterpiece from 1966, for every rock, garage or mod fans around the globe, this is the best you can get. Has two bonus tracks!!!