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Kweskin, Jim - What Ever Happened To Those Good Old Days At Club 47 In Cambridge, Mass. With Jim Kweskin... (Digipack)


Blues / Country / Fo


Comet Records





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Original release 1968
Re-issue Akarma Records

What Ever Happened To Those Good Old Days At Club Forty Seven In Cambridge Massachussetts With Jim Kweskin And His Friends


- Mississippi Mud (James Cavanaugh - Harry Barris)
- Buddy Bolden's Blues (Jelly Roll Morton)
- Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home (Trad.)
- Ain't She Sweet (Milton Ager - Jack Yellen
- La Bomba (Mexican trad.)

- Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
- I Had a Dream Last Night (Jimmy Rodgers)
- Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue (Roy Henderson - Samuel M. Lewis - Joseph Young)
- Ella Speed (Trad.)
- Blues (Trad.)
- Sheik of Araby (Harry B. Smith - Ted Snyder - Francis Wheeler)


by Richard Foss

Jim Kweskin may not have been a groundbreaking instrumentalist or a spectacularly gifted singer, but he certainly was an entertainer who knew how to get every bit out of his repertoire of American traditional music. On this live album, the complete title of which is What Ever Happened to Those Good Old Days at Club 47 in Cambridge Mass. With Jim Kweskin & His Friends, Kweskin is backed only by his faithful sideman Fritz Richmond and by Maria Muldaur on one track. His autoharp may be slightly out of tune and his piano playing a bit shaky, but Kweskin grabs the audience's heart on the very first track and keeps it until the end of the album. The sound quality has its off moments too, but that doesn't matter either, because as long as Kweskin is bashing away on that old-time music, all's right with the world. If there was any doubt that Jim Kweskin was a great showman even with minimal accompaniment, this album would dispel it.