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One of the great overlooked albums of the 1970s, Y Know Wot I Mean? was the second solo album by John Speedy Keen, former writer and vocalist with Thunderclap Newman and associate of The Who and Pete Townshend.
Following the demise of Thunderclap Newman, Keen recorded the album Previous Convictions for Track Records in 1973.
Lack of commercial success for the quirky songwriter led to a short hiatus before he signed with Island Records to record the album Y Know Wot I Mean .
Drawing on the talents of musicians such as Jimmy McculloCH and John Rabbit Bundrick, the album featured many wonderful compositions in Keen s usual inimitable style. The album would prove to be Keen’s final solo album. Entering the world of record production he worked with artists such as Motorhead.
Original released 1976
Reissued 2011 Cherry Red / Esoteric
+ 2 Bonus Tracks
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