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Karn, Mick - The Mick Karn Collector's Edition (Digipack)









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1996 CMP Records

Mick Karn - bass, vocals, bass clarinet, clarinet, dida, alto sax, keyboards, rhytm programming and ocassional percussion;

Featuring: Natasha Atlas * Richard Barbieri * Steve Jansen * David Torn* Terry Bozio * Michael White * Michel Lambert


1. Little - Less Hope
2. Bestial Cluster
3. Bandaged By Dreams
4. Feta Funk
5. Liver And Lungs
6. Saday, Maday
7. Corridor
8. House Of Home
9. Drawings We Have Lived
10. Red Sleep
11. There was Not Anything But Nothing

The Mick Karn Collector's Edition was a non-endorsed-by-Karn collection of works from the CMP catalog. It featured 3 tracks from his Bestial Cluster album, 3 from Tooth Mother (plus one previously unreleased track from the sessions), 2 from the Karn/Torn/Bozzio Polytown album, 1 from the White/Lambert/Karn/Torn Lonely Universe album and 1 from Andy Rinehart's Jason's Chord album, which featured Karn. Two of the tracks were remixed.

All in all, it's a decent enough collection that features some of Karn's best work. The one previously unreleased track, however, was previously unreleased because it wasn't as good as the material that made the album. The remixes are also negligible, making this an album of interest to Karn collectors only... which, i suppose, is why it was given that title.