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Folk Rock (Brazilia)

An obscure bit of Brazilian folk rock from the early 70s -- recorded with an easygoing, laidback style that's really wonderful! The group's working mostly here in a blend of acoustic guitar and percussion -- and some of the guitar work is done by Jorge Amiden of O Terco, using a strange three-necked guitar that looks mighty weird in the picture! This instrument seems to be played using a bow at times -- creating a guitar strings sort of feel that gives the record a bit more class than you might expect from its relatively rootsy setting -- and there's also some great subtle production on the vocals that compresses them slightly, in a way that links the record to some of the other South American rock of the time.

Titles include O Jogo, Tributo Ao Sorriso, Blusa Le Linho, Voce Pole Ir Alem, Do Zepo Adiante, Transe Uma, Cara Ou Coroa, and Venha Pisar Na Grama.