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Originally released 1975
Vinyl reissue 2015 Garden Of Delights

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A ballet with progressive music. With flute, saxophone und Middle High German vocals. Very skilfull musicians, from Mannheim. Recorded in 1974. From the master tapes.

"Minne‚" was the fourth LP by Joy Unlimited from Mannheim; it was recorded in 1974 and released in 1975. It is, as its forerunners ‚"Schmetterlinge‚" and ‚"Reflections‚", a ballet work with progressive music, this time sung in Middle High German. With every single track the talent of the musicians who were playing there becomes obvious. In the instrumental ‚"Bacchanal‚" the vibrant organ, played by Roland Heck and driven on by the drums, is particularly inspirational. The vinyl re-issue was drawn from the master tapes and comes with a 16-page insert in LP size.