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Joe Yamanaka with Flower Travellin' Band - The Times
Reissue on CD of the excellent compilation LP by the Flower Travellin' Band featuring their famous leadsinger Joe. Originally released in the mid 70's this collection spans the band's career during the period that Joe was a member of what is certainly the ultimate '70's Japanese heavy psych band. Includes both parts of the epic Satori track.
Track Listing:
Satori Part II; Satori Part I; Shadows of Lost Days; Hiroshima; Make Up; Look At My Window; Spasms; I Wanna See You
Flower Travellin' Band biography
Formed in 1967, this japanse proggy-doom heavy rockin' band started their career with 60's West coast acid rock covers under the name Yuya Uchida & The Flowers (Challenge, 1969). With Anywhere (1970 they were in search of their own sound and musical identity, surfing on 70's California rock and on the stoned heavy rock of the Sabbath. Satori (1971) remains their ultimate masterpiece, delivering a really captivating, personal psych-hard rockin' trip with discreet Eastern mystical influences. After this mesmerising stoner rock essay the band released a last album Make up (1973). Flower Travellin' Band is definitely a 70's cult psychedelic / space rock standard and a strong reference on the Japaneses underground scene with other psych-proto-metallers as Brush!? and Les Rallizes Denudes.