Jody Grind - One Step On + Bonustrack (CD)




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Originally released 1969
CD reissue 2015 Flawed Gems
+ Bonustrack

Eingeschweißt / sealed !

The first Jody Grind record was released in December 1969 by Transatlantic Records and contained what the band called a 'psychedelic brass rock'.
With this haunting and bizzare artwork, it was a very honest and thrilling debut with most of the tracks having a jam-derived structure, especially the sidelong title track that included a rendition of the Rolling Stones' 'Paint It Black' and a fine drum solo.
But with their organ-driven hard prog, the group manages to stay fresh, energetic and maintain your enthusiasm, sometimes by short brass/horn section bursts that provided incredible surges of power and intrigue Hinkley's organ providing much of the sound, but was often superbly answered by guitarist Zagni's fiery guitar solos. There are much of jazz and blues influences throughout the album and sometimes music reminds of Uriah Heep and their ambitious 'Salisbury' suite. Jody Grind delivered only two albums (Inc. superb 'Far Canal' from 1970) and unjustly disappeared from the scene.

1 One Step On (18:44)
a In My Mind
b Nothing At All
c Interaction
d Paint It Black

2 Little Message 4:40
3 Night Today 5:02
4 USA 6:42
5 Rock 'n Roll Man 4:31

Bonus Track:
6 Paint It Black (Live On TV, 1970) 5:06