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This Israeli band started as The Churchills and released the mind-blowing, psychedelic 1968 LP and some fine singles. In 1971 vthey moved to England , changed their name into Jericho and released fantastic, eponymous album.
It was high-octane rock with plenty of heavy riffing and extended, driving guitar solos, screaming vocals & thunderous drumming.

They achieved a couple of hits in their homeland when Make It Better and Bow Down (To The Dollar) peaked at No. 80 and 50 respectively in July and November 1971. Denny Gerrard had previously been in Mashmakhan and was later in Great White Cain. Fred Keeler had been in The Shays and The Majestics and Gord Fleming had been in The Shays too. He went on to join Great Speckled Bird.

Robb Huxley - Guitar
Ami Triebich - Drums
Haim Romano - Lead Guitar
Michael Gabriellov - Bass
Danny Shoshan - Lead Singer

Original release 1972
Reissue 2010 Flawed Gems