Jeff Cooper And The Stoned Wings - Tribute To Jimi Hendrix (CD)




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Original release 1971 EUROPA Schallplatten !!! Re-issue 2005 Red Fox Records Jeff Cooper and the Stoned Wings - Tribute to Jimi Hendrix (Europa) This is Germany's answer to the Hendrixploitation craze -- pressed up on the budget label Europa (also home to the highly sought after fuzzed-out Animated Egg psych LP). Sure, you got your Hey Joe's and Fires covers that you heard a google times. But this mysterious band of Krauts hiding behind the Stoned Wings moniker bring their fair share of original compositions exuding wah drenched blues funk that's often humorous with their low budget goofing around. It seriously sounds like dude rigged up a Realistic‚™ mic and went to town. Check Git Some where dudes interpolate Third Stone From The Sun and the self-incriminating Getting Busted. Not a hard one to get ahold of either!