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At the end of 1965, four members of The Hagues popular Jumping Jewels dumped their manager and struck out on their own as the Jay-Jays. With the name change came a new musical direction, a pent-up beat music sound inspired by the Beatles, the Who and, especially, the Kinks. Their first single, Bald Headed Woman, was a Top 10 smash. The Jay-Jays most impressive recordings were all released within the span of one tumultuous, action-packed year: 1966. Their self-titled album included such Dutch beat gems as Come Back If You Dare, I Keep Tryin, Today Im Gay and the fuzz-packed instrumental Cruncher. Every one of those jumping 66 jewels can be heard on this twelve-inch platter, remastered in dynamic mono sound, each sounding louder, more vibrant, and more crunch-filled than ever before. The album is supplemented by three non-LP single sides, and a previously unreleased instrumental demo version of Are You A Woman.
180 gram on white vinyl
Reissue of original mono LP as release in 1966 + 3 bonus non-LP single tracks
Deluxe 350 gram carton gatefold sleeve with original artwork rare photos
Liner Notes by Mike Stax / Ugly Things

Side A 1. Come Back If You Dare 2:24 
2. Dont Sell The Sun 2:28 
3. So Mystifying 2:52 
4. Cruncher 3:18 
5. A Distance Place 1:56 
6. Bald Headed Woman 2:35 
7. Are You A Woman 2:33 
8. Cause Youre Mine, Babe 3:14 
Side B 1. I Got Love If You Want It 3:00 
2. Today Im Gay 2:36 
3. All Around The World 2:31 
4. Shake It Some More 3:02 
5. The Name Of You 2:26 
6. I Keep Tryin 2:02 
7. Waauw! 2:30 
8. Are You A Woman 2:38 - demo 
Bonus Tracks A7-8, B7-8