Jackson, Banton, Evans & Friends - The Long Hello + Bonus Track (CD)


Instrumental Prog


Flawed Gems





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Original released 1974
CD reissue 2012 Flawed Gems

+ Bonus Track
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The Long Hello was an instrumental progressive album recorded in August 1973 by David Jackson, Hugh Banton, Guy Evans & friends ( including another ex-Van Der Graaf Generator-bassist Nic Potter and guitarist Ced Curtis - both at the time of the session were members of Rare Bird ) soon after VDGG was disbanded. The music on that album was truly beautiful, well-arranged, quite relaxing and very melodic ( with plenty of flute, sax and classical guitar ) but also dark, twisted and most of the time very similar to the early VDGG style. This unjustly underrated record was originally signed by the band members, title `The Long Hello` and released in 1974 on Italian United Artists label. 2 years later it was reissued in the UK ( with different cover and with reversed sides ) by the band `The Long Hello` themselves as a limited edition of 5000 copies. This CD has been carefully remastered from original, analogue source.