Jack London & The Sparrows - Jack London & The Sparrows (Vinyl)




Garage Rock


Sweet Dandelion



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Originally released 1965
Vinyl reissue 2011 Sweet Dandelion records

This embryonic formation of Steppenwolf is often credited as being the first British invasion band not only in Canada, but in the whole of North-America. Formed in Ontario in early 1964 by London-born Dave Marden (Jack London) the band quickly grew a good reputation and a solid local following. After moving to Toronto from their native Oshawa, the band released their only album: the first beat album in Canada to feature only original songs, and no covers. The album has several stand-out tracks, with a (as expected) marked Beatles/Zombies sound, and is often seen in 'favorite' lists by well-known rock'n'roll writers. Now rescued from obscurity after decades being unavailable on vinyl, this historic album finally receives its deserved reissue.