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The Classic Band of the Sixites Embraced by San Francisco and the Love Generation, the Legendary First Album featuring White Bird + 1970' Album Marrying Maiden features a guest appearance by Jerry Garcia.
One of the Original Ten San Francisco Groups Produced by Matthew Katz who Produced Jefferson Airplane.

2 original recordings on 1 CD:

- It's A Beautiful Day (1969)

It's A Beautiful Day: Patti Santos (vocals); Hal Wagenet (guitar); David LaFlamme (violin); Linda LaFlamme (keyboards); Mitchell Holman (bass); Val Fluentes (drums).

For years, this album was best known for its beautiful cover, a Maxfield Parrish-style pastiche which regularly shows up in collections of the best album covers of all time. The lilting, quiet folk-rock of this San Francisco band, led by David LaFlamme's swirling violin and Patti Santos' soaring vocals, was out of favor for quite some time, but latter-day fans of Belle and Sebastian, Nick Drake, and the Grateful Dead's rustic Americana period have discovered the gentle, calm feel of this classic of light psychedelia.

Starting with the majestically wafting White Bird, an early high this band unfortunately never quite matched again, LaFlamme, Santos and company create an appealingly drifting, almost narcotic bliss. Of the other excellent tracks, the sultry Wasted Union Blues is a particular highlight.

- Marrying Maiden (1970)

This 1970 follow-up wasn't as commercially successful as its predecessor, and after long-simmering intraband tensions, the original lineup of the group split shortly after this album's completion. The result is that MARRYING MAIDEN is unknown to all but the most ardent fans of folk-psychedelia, a true shame since the album is the equal of the band's more celebrated debut.

The band is considerably tighter on these 11 songs, with the sometimes aimless jams of the debut shortened into more concise yet still complex pop song structures. David LaFlamme's violin and Patti Santos' soaring voice--vocally, she is was Grace Slick tried to be--are an unbeatable combination.

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