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Hydra - Rock The World (CD)




Crossroad Production





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Southern Rock (US)
Original release 1977
Re-issue 2009 Crossroad Production

Hydra is an American rock band founded in the late 1960s by Spencer Kirkpatrick (guitar), Wayne Bruce (vocals/guitar), and Steve Pace (drums). Pace and Kirkpatrick first played together in 1968 in the band Strange Brew. Wayne Bruce was playing with the band Nickelodian and accepted the offer to join Pace and Kirkpatrick in the short lived Noah Mayflower. These three remained together in the band Osmosis until 1969 when enlisting a succession of bassists, Hydra finally emerged with the inclusion of Orville Davis. Their reputation as a solid live act in the Atlanta, Georgia area began to spread and the band expanded their territory. They began playing at more prestigious venues and supporting major internationally known acts in concert.

The band signed a recording contract with Capricorn Records in 1973 and the first self-titled album Hydra emerged in 1974. In 1975 Land of Money follows. They used a horn-section and were assisted by musicians like Chuck Leavell ( Allman Brothers, Rolling Stones and Eric Clapton) (piano/keyboards) and Randall Bramblett, who later founded his own Randall Bramblett Band.

It's some mighty fine Rock & Roll on this album: Rock The World. It's loud, but it's far from being dumb. The arrangements of old school Southern Rock bands is something you don't hear much these days. Blackfoot used to be real good at that too. Nice raunchy vocals and fine playing. Furthermore, the songs on this album are pretty cool as well. Makes for a hit soundtrack to shooting pool with friends, beer bottle in hand while banging your head to the groove.