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Having spent 18 months playing the British circuit alongside
The Jeff Beck Group, The Moody Blues, The Nice and many others, the original Human Instinct folded in the spring of 1968. Undeterred, leader Maurice Greer returned to New Zealand and recruited guitar legend Billy Te Kahika to form a new, harder-hitting version of the band. After honing their incendiary act in the countrys leading clubs, they recorded this blistering, bluesy set in late 1969. Presented here complete with rare photographs and detailed notes by Greer himself, its truly essential for all fans of hard psychedelic rock. Classy trippy progressive Hendrix like heavy acid blues prog rock from the later line-up of the New Zealand band who briefly settled in the UK in the late '60s. This early '70's album features compositions by the legendary Jesse Harper (who made a similar and rare acid rock album) as well as a storming version of You Really Got Me by The Kinks. Killer acid guitar work!

Vinyl reissue Wow Records 2011
sealed !