Hot Tuna - Double Dose (CD)




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Live-CD !
Original release 1977
Re-issue 2005 Lake Eerie Records

Jorma Kaukonen: guitar and vocals
Jack Casady: bass
Nick Buck: keyboards
Bob Steeler: drums

Track Listing

Side 1

Winin' Boy Blues
Keep Your Lamps Trimmed and Burning
Embryonic Journey
Killing Time in the Crystal City
I Wish You Would
Extrication Love Song
Talking 'Bout You
Funky #7
Serpent of Dreams
Bowlegged Woman, Knock-Kneed Man
See the Light
Watch the North Wind Rise
Sunrise Dance With the Devil
I Can't Be Satisfied

Notes: An excellent CD, that manages to capture both the acoustic gospel of Jorma solo and the full force of the whole band in motion. From the roots of Rev. Gary Davis grew a mighty oak of roots, blues, gospel and no holds barred rock and roll. Jorma and Jack paired up since the early days almost work together as a single unit and the rest of the players revolve around them. The voice is classic Jorma and he's not holding back on this one. A fun ride. The gatefold cover has a perfect picture of the dynamic duo doing what they do best...playing for the house.