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Horizonte - S/T & Senales Sin Edad (2on1 CD)






2on1 CD



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Symphonic Prog & Folk (Argentina)

2 original recordings on 1 CD:
- Same (1977)
- Senales sin edad (1979)

Argentinean band HORIZONTE was formed in 1975 with the idea of fusing rock and Andean folklore. The band toured extensively for years (especially in the middle provinces of Argentina) and went through a few line-up changes before the release of their debut album in early 1978 (which had been recorded during the last months of the previous year). The album sold relatively well, since the group had already a cult following. Music critics were usually very enthusiastic about HORIZONTE, praising their capability to combine the special sounds and rhythms of Andean roots with electric instruments (guitar, organ, synthesizer, bass). The fact that there was an unhidden progressive trend in their rock-fusion style made HORIZONTE’s sound lean close to JAIVAS, ARCO IRIS (albeit less jazzy) and AUCÁN (albeit more complex). In 1979 HORIZONTE shared a concert bill in Buenos Aires’ Luna Park with art-rock super-group SERU GIRÁN and famous protest singer LEÓN GIECO. This event gave them the chance to return promptly to the recording studio and work on a second album. Released that same year, ‚"Señales sin Edad‚" didn’t match the debut album’s sales but definitely showed a band in full maturity. The band kept on doing gigs until it disbanded in 1981, once the members noticed that their musical creativity was waning.