Hook, The - Will Grab You (CD)






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Original release 1979
CD Reissue 2002 Lizard Records
sealed !

Psych influenced hard rock, with some punk elements. This should appeal to fans of heavy hard rock

This sounds exactly like Are You Experienced?. By 1968, everybody was already imitating Bold as Love and, eventually, Electric Ladyland, so this record is not like every other Hendrix rip-off. Even Vincebus Eruptum, which was released around the same time as this record, has a contemporary sound, but these guys are stuck in early 1967. To my ears, that's a very good thing. This album is consistently heavy, in a very consistently early Hendrix kind of way. Nice. The fuzz sounds a million times better than Blue Cheer's debut, and I don't see any resemblance to Eden's Children. The latter band played bland jazz-rock mixed with some fuzz solos; that's nothing like the heavy Hendrix rock found in this album.