Heaven & Earth - Refuge (Vinyl)


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Heaven & Earth - Refuge- 1973 US:

Refuge is the only known album by Heaven and Earth. Psych folk funk beauty from the early 70’s featuring the gorgeous voices of Jo D. Andrews & Pat Gefell. ‚"Feel The Spirit‚" and ‚"Jenny‚" have been making the rounds on the UK DJ circuit and on compilations like ‚"Folk Is Not A Four Letter Word.‚"

Whatever your musical taste, psych-folk, funk, soft rock... this LP seems to fit perfectly. Should appeal to fans of BJ Ward, Wendy & Bonnie, Linda Perhacs, Christine Harwood, Sunforest, Margo Guryan, Lyn Christopher, Barbara & Ernie, etc.
Drums - Don Simmons
Flute - Arthur Lauer
Guitar - Charles Chittenden , Pat Gefell , Phil Upchurch, Ron Steele
Percussion - Bobby Christian
Piano - Jorge Dalto
Strings - Fred Spector, Jerry Sabransky, Joseph Sciacchitano, Samuel Magad, William Schoen Violin - Joseph Golan
Vocals - Jo D. Andrews ,Pat Gefell
2012 Ovation Records
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