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Haze - Hazecolor-Dia (Digipack)




New Music - Green Tree





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Originally released 1971
CD reissue 2017 New Music - Green Tree

Digipak with punched out cover design.

German band Haze's 1971 album >Hazecolor-Dia< is primarily remembered today for possessing an interesting album cover.
The cover, designed by Nine Days' Wonder founder and singer Walter Seyffer, featured a plastic transparency over a picture of the band to create a slide picture frame in the style used by Agfa!
This was known in Germany as a »Dia«.

The music behind the plastic transparency deserves some warrant too, but unfortunately, many of the details about Haze are unknown — including the name of their flute player.
What is known, is that Haze was made up of Kurt Frei on drums, Hans-Jurg Frei on rhythm guitar and organ, Heinz Schwab on lead guitar, Christian Scherler on vocals, and Dietmar Low on bass and solo songwriter. Their only record was produced by Peter Hauke and Dieter Dierks, who also produced Nektar's debut album.
It would also be safe to compare the group to other members of the Krautrock scene, as well as heavy blues bands that were transitioning out of the psychedelic era into the 70's.
Unafraid to jam, the songs are loaded with lengthy instrumental passages that highlight Schwab's guitar skills — The shortest tracking in at six and a half minutes.
Slow, cleverly-arranged heavy progressive rock numbers, psychedelically fueled with a faint blues tinge, featuring humorous lyrics: >A Way To Find Paradise< tells about a hippy's struggle to get his hashish to smoke! Haze dished out a brand of heavy, spacey, funky art rock that is most successfully compared to The Edgar Broughton Band, Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come And Captain Beefheart, due to the music's bluesy feel and Scherler's vocals, which jump from dark gravel to over the top screeching. They were amongst the first to present the uniquely German hard-rock sound, into which they mixed a complex variety of progressive elements, featuring guitars to the fore.
They were also typical of the Bacillus Records sound, if more song based than most, venturing on to psychedelic and blues realms.
The music is recommended for all the freak rock fans out there.