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Hapshash And The Coloured Coat - Featering The Human Host And The Heavy Metal Kids & Western Flier (2on1 CD)




Minority Records


2on1 CD



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2 original recordings on 1 CD:

- Featuring The Human Host And The Heavy Metal Kids (1967)

Classic first album freak out from the UK, originally released in 1967. Not far from the disassociational ecstasy being created in NYC by the Godz, this is perfectly tranced lysergic blather, and an underrated document of it's time. A band like this, incorporating flower power, love and peace, acid and psychedelic rock lifestyle, tainted with freak out, drop out, hippy and underground trends, could not have existed in any other era than the late sixties ('67/68). Before that time, this phenomenon was labelled amateurism or hype and dismissed as musical nonsense. The first extremely freaky LP the group launched was an LSD trip opera.

- Western Flier (1969)

2nd album from 1969. The talents of Groundhogs guitarist T.S. McPhee and songwriter Mike Batt an be heard on this 'strange' LP, the second and final release from Hapshash. The ultra rare 'Colinda' single is included amongst the 10 featured tracks. Contrary to the first album, which mainly consisted of free music, lyric poetry, Gregorean chants and Andalusian/oriental folk music, Western Flier was a crazy, high-spirited collection of old, well known folk-rock and blues material, spiced with all such currently used, individually distorted studio effects such as fuzz, feedback, phasing, etc.

Re-issue 2007 Minority Records
Digitally remastered