Hammond, Satchitanada, Child's Play, Ethos and Bounty - ('76-'80 US Prog/Psych/Jazz/Funk) (5 CD)


Folk / Psych - Prog


Paisley Press


5 CD



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Five CDs in a bundle:

1 x Bounty - S/T ('77 US Prog/Jazz/Fusion) CD
1 x Satchitananda - A Thought Away ('78 US Prog/Jazz) CD
1 x Child's Play - S/T ('79 US Prog/Jazz/Funk) CD
1 x Ethos - Ardour ('76 US Prog) CD
1 x Hammond, Jack - Open The Doors ('80 US Prog/Psych) CD

All released 2023 by Paisley Press

All CDs are digitally remastered and sealed!

Discover the diverse facets of progressive rock with this unique bundle, offering five distinct albums hailing from the United States. This exclusive set includes dynamic rhythmic odysseys, symphonic explorations, melodic intricacies, cosmic voyages, and eclectic guitar mastery. Each album in this collection provides a different flavor of the rich tapestry that is US prog rock, offering an immersive journey for any true connoisseur. Immerse yourself in these unique soundscapes with our handpicked selection, a showcase of the genre's variety and depth.